Spirometer, Lowne, 1880-1890

Found on the Science Museum UK website.

“This portable spirometer is made of brass, rubber and glass in a mahogany case. It was made by Arnold and Sons of London. The patient’s breath bubbled up a water-filled collecting glass and pushed up a sliding weight. A scale on the attached spirometer indicated the capacity of the lungs. Scientific instrument maker, Robert Mann Lowne (1844-1929) patented this portable spirometer in 1865.”

Spirometer, Lowne or Casella, circa 1880

Based on the sheet in the background this is either a Lowne or Casella spirometer, and probably manufactured in England in the 1880’s.  It’s possible that Casella, a company that specialized in manufacturing scientific instruments, manufactured it based on a design by Lowne since the spirometers attributed to both of these sources look mostly identical.  Found on an auction website, The Saleroom.com.

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