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Pneumotach, 1976


Manufacturer was not indicated.  This is a heated pneumotach with is indicated by the black knob on the side which is actually the screw-on cover for an electrical post.   From Medical Instrumentation for Healthcare, by Cromwell L, Arditti M, Weibell FJ, Pfeiffer EA, Steele B, Labok J.  Published by Prentice-Hall, 1976.  Page 267.

Spirometer, Vitalograph, 1970, Model S


Found on the Steno Museum Website.  Described there (via Google Translate) as “h: 24cm x W: 39.5 cm xl: 38.5 cm.  Green body with a curved front side on which there is a red and a plate type. You place a piece of paper on the red plate and appliance draw as the result of the test down that end. On the front is also pipes – this is what the patient breathes in, so the speed and amount of air can be measured.  The unit is a cord with on-off switch and a catalog concerning measurement of lung ventilation and spirometry. ”