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Spirometer, Mijnhardt Vicatest-2, 1979

Found in Occupational Medicine, 1979, 29(1), page 40.

“This spirometer, recently introduced to this country, is a direct measurement dry spirometer of 6 litres capacity which functions on a metal sliding cylinder/rubber rolling seal principle.

“The instrument uses an A-4 size recording paper with space provided on the paper for entering essential test and test subject information.

“The Vicatest-2 has an integral microcomputer which provides instantaneous digital display of essential respiratory parameters – FVC, FEV1, FEV1%, MVV, PEF, FEF, FMF and FMFT, thereby eliminating manual calculations. It can be supplied with an integral printer module and a print-out unit, as optional accessories, which at the tough of a button give a print-out of all parameter which can be attached to the recorded expiratory curve, thus giving a complete and permanent record of the test.”

Collins Maxi Modular Lung Analyzer with Maxi Survey Computer, circa 1978

Maxi Modular Lung Analyzer with the Maxi Survey Computer system.  Computer came with 8K of memory and a teletype unit.   Programs were loaded using punched paper tape.  Video display and floppy disk memory unit were optional extras.  From ‘Collins’ Catalog of Pulmonary Function Testing Instruments”, undated by likely from around 1978, page 1-26.