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Spirometer, Mijnhardt Vicatest-2, 1979

Found in Occupational Medicine, 1979, 29(1), page 40.

“This spirometer, recently introduced to this country, is a direct measurement dry spirometer of 6 litres capacity which functions on a metal sliding cylinder/rubber rolling seal principle.

“The instrument uses an A-4 size recording paper with space provided on the paper for entering essential test and test subject information.

“The Vicatest-2 has an integral microcomputer which provides instantaneous digital display of essential respiratory parameters – FVC, FEV1, FEV1%, MVV, PEF, FEF, FMF and FMFT, thereby eliminating manual calculations. It can be supplied with an integral printer module and a print-out unit, as optional accessories, which at the tough of a button give a print-out of all parameter which can be attached to the recorded expiratory curve, thus giving a complete and permanent record of the test.”