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Oxygen Analyzer, Beckman Model D, circa 1970’s


Paramagnetic oxygen analyzer.  Mechanism was a glass dumbbell suspended by a glass thread between the poles of a magnet.  The amount by which the dumbbell rotated depended on the amount of oxygen in the sample chamber.  A light reflected off a mirror attached to the dumbbell and showed up as a light spot on the front panel display. The black bulb in the rear was used to pull a gas sample into the analyzer. Photo is courtesy of Jim Sullivan, Supervisor, Pulmonary Diagnostic Laboratories at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

Beckman Metabolic Cart, 1994


A Beckman Metabolic cart in use in a study on exercise patients with spinal cord injuries. From: Muszkat R, Yazbek P, Arango CT, Moreira MC, Trombetta IC, Battistella LR. Assessment of functional capacity during gait using a reciprocal propulsion orthosis (ARGO) – a comparative study with a conventional  mechanical orthosis.  Sao Paolo Medical Journal, 1994, 112(1): page 496.