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There are many Pulmonary Function-related devices and machines that are known to have existed at one time, but for which little has been preserved other than as a mention in an article somewhere.

Advantage Medical Systems Pul-Tron 100K Professional Spirometer.  Manufactured late 1980’s.

AEC 629V Spirocomp.  Spirometer. Manufactured by American Electromedics Corporation around 1990.  Ceramic pneumotachometer.

Air Shields Pulmonary Function Recorder.  Spirometer.  Manufactured mid-1970’s.

Albers Spirometer.  German, 1850’s.

Alpha Technologies MTS4400 Metabolic and Respiratory Testing System.  Metabolic measurement cart.  Turbine sensor?  Manufactured around 1985.

American Gas Meter model DTM-325 Dry Gas Meter.

Argis Pulmonary Function Testing System.  Manufactured by Advanced Signal Processing Inc. in the late 1980’s.

Beckman-Spinco Infrared Carbon Dioxide analyzer.  Manufactured late 1950’s / early 1960’s.

Biocom SpiroLink Real-time Spirometry System.  Manufactured in the late 1980’s.

Biotrine  Multispiro PC.  Spirometer. Manufactured around 1990.  Ceramic pneumotachometer.

Bohr Gas Meter.  Routinely used to measure exhaled air from Douglas bags circa 1915 to 1920.  Manufactured by Dansk Maaler Fabrik, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Bosch Spirometer.  J. u. A. Bosch manufactured spirometers in Strassburg, Germany in the 1890’s.

Burdick Spirosense.   Spirometer.  1990’s?

C. Macintosh Co., Cambridge St., Manchester, England.  Manufactured Douglas bags from 30 to 2000 liters in the 1920’s.

Caird Technology Spirometer.  Manufactured in the late 1990’s.

Cambridge Scientific Instruments Spirometer.  Manufactured in England in the 1880’s and 1890’s.

Cassella Spirometer.  Turbine or propeller based, 1880’s.

Cavitron Spirometric Computer.  Screening spirometer manufactured around 1980.

Cavitron SC-20A Spirometer.  Manufactured in the 1990’s.

Cavitron PM-20 Spirometer.  Volume displacement?  Manufactured in the late 1980’s.

CDX Spiro 110.  Pneumotach based.  Included an internal printer.  Manufactured around 1990.

CDX Spiro 850.  Spirometer.  Used “digital volume transducer”.  Manufactured around 1990.

CDX SB Office.  Turbine spirometer.  Manufactured around 2000.

CDX Spirobank G.  Turbine spirometeter.  Manufactured around 2000.

Centronics MGA 100 and MGA 200 Respiratory Mass Spectrometers, built and sold in the 1970’s and 1980’s.  Quadrupole?

C F Palmer double Benedict Spirometer.  Manufactured in England around 1960.

Cheeseborough-Ponds Respiradyne.  Spirometer.  Manufactured around 1990.  Lilly pneumotachometer.

Code, Hopper & Co. Spirometer.  Manufactured in Philadelphia in the 1860’s.

Collins Apex DS-420 Pulmonary function system, performed spirometry, helium dilution FRC and DLCO.  Manufactured in the 1980’s.

Collins Metabolex.  Designed to measure basal metabolism.  Manufactured in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s.  Used a cylindrical bellows.  Base model included a spring-driven kymograph (electric motor was optional).

Collins Vitalometer.  Spirometer manufactured around 1950.

Collins Survey, Survey II, Survey III, Survey Eagle, Eagle II.  Spirometers.  1980-1990’s.

Compumed Pulmonary Function Analyzer Model 307B.  Manufactured in the mid-1980’s.

Cornell Outfitting Company Spirometer.  Manufactured in the 1890’s.

CPI 220.  Dry rolling-seal spirometer.  Manufactured by Cardio-Pulmonary Instruments in the 1980’s.

CPI 451.  Helium dilution/DLCO add-on for CPI 220?  Manufactured in the early 1980’s.

CPI 2000.  Plethysmograph manufactured by Cardio-Pulmonary Instruments in the 1980’s.

Cybermedic CM5, CM310 and Moose.  Spirometer.  Manufactured around 1990. Different models used either a bellows or a Fleisch pneumotachometer.

Cybermedic MetaScope Metabolic Analyzer.  Metabolic cart, manufactured late 1980’s to early 1990’s.

Cybermedic Spinnaker TL.  Spirometer.  1990’s?

Cybermedic Spinnaker SL.  Spirometer.  1990’s?

Cybermedic PFF-1 spirometer.  Manufactured in the early 1990’s.

Dargatz Knipping spirometer.  A counter-weighted water-seal spirometer manufactured in the early 1950’s, probably in Europe.

Dargatz Magnatest type 510 Spirograph.  A metabolic measurement system used in exercise testing.  Manufactured late 1960’s and early 1970’s.

Datametrics Spirometer.  Manufactured around 1980.

Devilbiss Surveyor I Spirometer Model 3501.  Probably manufactured in the 1970’s.

Drager Spirotron.  Electronic spirometer, manufactured in the late 1970’s.

Electro Med 800.  Spirometer, manufactured in the mid-1970’s.

Electro Med Model 780 Spirometer.  Manufactured in the late 1960’s.

Electro Med Model 787 Pulmo-Digicomp.  Spirometer or calculating unit?

Electro Med Model 786 Pneumotachographic Spirometer.  Manufactured in the late 1960’s.

Electro Med Model 795 Plethysmograph.  Manufactured in the late 1960’s.

Fleisch Metabographe.  Closed circuit system (?) for measuring VO2 and VCO2.  1950’s-1960’s.

Frank Betz Company, Basal Metabolism Apparatus, manufactured in the early 1920’s.

Fred Medart Co. Spirometers.  Manufactured between 1920 and 1960.

Fukuda Sangyo ST200.  Spirometer.  Manufactured around 1990.  Fleisch pneumotach.

Future Impex Corporation Automatic Spirometer ST-200. Manufactured in the early 1980’s.

Futuremed Discovery.  Turbine spirometer.  Manufactured around 2000.

Futuremed Spirovision 3+.  Turbine spirometer.  Manufactured around 2000.

Garther Ventilograph.  Spirometer.  Manufactured in the mid-1960’s.  Australian?

Godart Volumograph.  Pulmonary testing system manufactured in the 1970’s.  Performed spirometry. helium dilution lung volumes and DLCO.

Gould Autobox 2800.  Dual mode plethysmograph (it could act as a constant volume or constant pressure plethysmograph) manufactured in the 1980’s.

Gould Spiroscreen 21E, 2180 and 2200 Spirometers.  Manufactured late 1980’s through early 1990s.

Gould  5000IV Computerized Pulmonary Function Test System.  Included an exercise test module? Manufactured in the 1980’s.

Gould 5004.  Spirometer?  1980’s?

Gould-Statham SP-1007 Ultrasonic spirometer.  Manufactured late 1970’s.

Grandcor Medical Systems Spiroscope.  Spirometer?  Manufactured around 1990.

Gregor Spirometer.  Manufacturer of scientific spirometers around 1900.

Gutzmann Spirometer.  Dual bellows spirometer?  Developed by Dr. Hermann Gutzmann around 1910.

Harvard Instrument Company Spirometer.  Manufactured in the 1890’s.

Haser Spirometer.  German, 1850’s.

Hawksley Spirometer.  Manufactured in London, England in the 1880’s.

Hewlett Packard 47305A Pulmonary Function System.  Performed DLCO and probably spirometry.  Manufactured in the 1980’s.

Hewlett-Packard Ear Oximeter – (Model 472-1A? Model 47201A?).  Developed and sold around 1980. The grandfather of all pulse oximeters. The ear ear probe was clamped to the patient’s head with a harness and attached to the instrument cabinet by 2 feet of goose-neck tubing.

Hewlett-Packard Model 5000 VR Vertek spirometer.  Pneumotachograph-based. Manufactured in the late 1980’s.

Hill Bag.  Mentioned as being used in metabolic measurements circa 1915.

Inair DSXL Diffusion Spirometer.  Manufactured in the late 1990’s.

Infomed MWS 6000.  Spirometer.  Manufactured around 1990. Horizontal dry rolling seal.

Innovision AMIS mass spectrometer.  Manufactured in Europe in the late 1990’s.

Jahne Spirometer. German, 1850’s.

Jones Medical Pulmonaire 10. Spirometer.  Probably manufactured in the 1980’s.

Jones Medical Satellite 3.  Spirometer.  Manufactured around 2000.

Jones Multi-Basal Metabolism Unit.  Manufactured in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s.

Kepler Spirometer.  An advertisement for Kepler Malt Extract that functioned as a spirometer.  Created in 1889, England by Burroughs, Wellcome & Co..

KIFA Spirotemp.  Spirometer, manufactured early 1960’s.

KIFA Spirokombi.  Spirometer.  Manufactured early 1970’s.

KIFA Lundia spirograph.  Performed helium dilution FRC tests.  Manufactured 1970’s- 1990’s (?).

Kinetics Pulmometer spirometer.  Manufactured mid-1980’s.

Kinetix Respirometer.  Diagnostic spirometer manufactured in the early 1980’s.

Kinetix Windmill.  Spirometer.  Manufactured around 1990. Turbine

KL Engineering Pneumoscan.  Spirometer.  Manufactured around 1990. Turbine.

Knecht Spirometer.  German, manufactured around 1960.

Koenig Spirometer.  Manufactured around 1900.

Kofranyi-Michaelis Respirometer.  Spirometer or gasometer.  European, Mid-1960’s.

Kuchenmeister Spirometer.  German, 1850’s.

Lode-D 53/R. Spirometer.  Manufactured in the Netherlands in the 1980’s.

Lode Spirograph D-75 Spirometer.  Manufactured in the Netherlands in the 1990’s?

Lifeline 4800-C Digital Spirometer.  Manufactured by Lifeline Controls in the early 1980’s.

Lloyd valve – A non-rebreathing valve, Mentioned in numerous scientific articles from the 1960’s to 1980’s.

LSE Vanguard DS-601.  Looking for the disposable pneumotach.

Maceo Hill’s spirometer.  Developed for speech therapy in 1935, claimed to be accurate to the cc.

Marcet’s Spirometer.  Developed by Dr. W. Marcet in the 1890’s.

Marion Labs Spirostat Spirometer.  Manufactured in the mid-1970’s.

Mayer’s Spirometer.  Manufactured in Germany around 1875.

Mayer & Meltzer Spirometer.  Sold in England in the 1880’s.

McDermott Spirometer.  Manufactured in the mid-1960’s.  Australian?

McKenzie Spirometer.  Manufactured by Mayer and Meltzer, London, England, 1886

McMunn Spirometer.  Developed around 1892 in England.  Inflatable balloon and tape measure?

Medi-Craft Instruments Inc.  Manufactured spirometry and DLCO test systems in the 1970’s.

Medical Equipment Designs Autospirometer HI-498.  Spirometer.  Manufactured in the early 1980’s. Used a “swirl meter” pneumotachograph.

Medical Equipment Designs Chestac 25F Spirometer.  Manufactured early 1980’s by Medical Equipment Designs, Inc.

Medical Equipment Designs FRC 85 Spirometer.  Manufactured in the mid-1980’s.

Medical Graphics 1090.  Spirometer.  Manufactured around 1990.  Used a Lilly pneumotachometer.

Medical Systems Corporation Spirolite Model MSC-201 Spirometer. Manufactured in the early 1990’s.

Meditron Magnatest 710.  Closed circuit ergospirometry system.  Manufactured around 2000.

Medix Medical Electronics Model 210/211 Spirometer.  Manufactured in the early 1980’s.

Med-Science 3200 AT.  Spirometer.  Manufactured around 1990.  Bellows.

Med-Science Hi-Fi 465 Spirometer. Manufactured in the mid-1970’s.

Med-Science 525 Pulmonizer. Pulmonary testing system.  Manufactured around 1980.

Med-Science FLOOP.  Spirometer.  Manufactured in the late 1970’s.

Med-Science Compactest.  Modular pulmonary testing system.  Manufactured in late 1970’s.

Med-Science 3000, 4000 Pulmonary Testing Systems.  Modular?  1970-1980’s

Med Systems Spirolite 101 & 201.  Spirometers.  1990’s?

Mercury Electronics Computing Spirometer CS-1.  Pneumotach and integrator. Manufactured in Scotland in the early 1970’s.

Metatest VS.  A dry (bellows) spirometer.  Manufactured in the 1980’s.

Metatest VSV-01.  A water seal spirometer.  Manufactured in the 1980’s.

Minato Autospirometer AS-500.  Manufactured in Japan in the late 1980’s.

Minato Medical Science Respiromonitor RM-300.  Metabolic measurement cart using hot-wire anemometer, zirconium oxide oxygen analyzer, infrared CO2 analzyer. Manufactured in the early 1990’s.

Mijnhardt Bodystar Plethysmograph.  Manufactured late 1990’s.

Mjinhardt Vicatest VCT-5 Spirometer.  Dry spirometer.  Manufactured around 1980.

Monaghan Analyzer PFT.  Spirometer.  Manufactured in the early 1970’s.

Monaghan M403.  Electronic spirometer.  Manufactured in the late 1970’s.

Multispiro-SX Spirometer.  Manufactured by Multispiro Inc. in the early 1990’s.

National Spirometer Company.  Manufactured a variety of spirometers, both for schools and for arcades from around 1890 to 1920.

New Med 7000 Spirobyte.  Spirometer.  1980’s?

Ohio Model 922 Spirometer.  Dry rolling seal spirometer.  Airco/Ohio Medical Products.  Manufactured early 1990’s.

Ohio 3000 System, Ohio Instruments Inc.  Plethysmograph.  Manufactured in the mid-1970’s.

Osborne-Blodgett SpiroKymograph.  Spirometer manufactured in the early 1960’s.  British?

Paul Broca’s Bellows Spirometer – Developed around 1872. Mentioned in journals of that time period.

Paul Regnard Spirometer.  Designed early 1880’s. French?

Petzold Spirometer.  Manufactured around 1900.

Phillips Turbine Spirometer.  Manufactured in the late 1970’s.

PK Morgan Pocket Respirometer.  Manufactured around 1990.  Turbine.

PK Morgan Spiroflow 12, TTC.  Horizontal dry rolling-seal spirometers.  Manufactured around 1990.

PK Morgan Ventilometer Mark 2.  Turbine spirometer, manufactured in the early 1990’s.

Pneumedics Dataloop, Spiroloop.  Spirometers.  Manufactured around 1990.  Used a Lilly pneumotachometer.

Pneumoscreen.  Electronic spirometer.  Manufactured around 1980.

Poulton Spirometer.  Manufactured in England between 1950 and 1960.

Pulmonary Testing Systems System 80 Computerized Spirometer.  Manufactured around 1980.

Pulmorex, Plethysmograph? Spirometer? Manufactured by Fenyves and Gut, Basel, Switzerland or by Godart, 1960’s – 1970’s. 

Puritan Bennet PB-900 and PB-910 diagnostic spirometry systems.  Manufactured mid-1980’s.

QRS Medicair Plus Spirometer.

Rahn-Otis End-tidal Sampler – Designed to obtain a sample of alveolar gas. Originally described in the 1940’s and was used to measure Steady-State DLCO on the Collins Modular lung analyzer built in the 1970’s.

Renesco Minispirometer SP-1.  Manufactured in the late 1970’s.

Repotest Dargatz Spirometer.  German, manufactured around 1960.

Repotest type 602 Spirometer. Made by Meditron located in Dargatz, Germany. Probably manufactured in the 1990’s.

Riko Spiromete AS500, AS600.  Spirometers.  Manufactured around 1990.  Hot-wire anemometer.

S&M Instruments Portascreen.  Spirometer.  Manufactured in the 1990’s.

S&M Instruments Pulmoscreen.  Spirometer.  Manufactured in the 1990’s.

S&M Instruments CF150B.  Spirometer.  1990’s?

S&M Instruments GS520.  Spirometer.  1990’s?

S&M Instruments Keystone III.  Pulmonary testing system?  1990’s?

Sanborn Spirometer.  A 6-liter spirometer manufactured by Sanborn during the late 1950’s/early 1960’s.

Scientific Instruments Co., Basal Metabolism Apparatus.  Manufactured in the early 1920’s.

SensorMedics Horizon 2.  Horizontal dry rolling-seal spirometer.  Manufactured around 1990.

Servonetics Turbine Spirometer.  Manufactured in the early 1990’s.

Siebe-Gorman 120 Liter Tissot spirometer.  Manufactured somewhere between 1960 and 1990.  German?

Siemens Siregnost FD91S Body plethysmograph.  Manufactured during the early 1980’s.

Spiroanaylzer SA-03.  Manufactured by Emros Ltd around 2000.

Spirolite MSC-201 Spirometer, Manufactured by Medical Systems Corp, early 1990’s.

Spiromed 2 Spirometer.  Manufactured by Drager, early 1980’s.

Spirometrics Models 2400, 2453, 2500 LTE and FMI-III spirometers.  1980-1990’s

Spirometrics Model 2600 MIRO Spirometer.  Manufactured around 1990.

Spirotech S500, ST-550 and ST-5500.  Manufactured from about 1980 to the early 1990’s by Spirotech Inc.

SRL M10 Predictive Pulmonary Screener, spirometer manufactured by Systems Research Labs in the mid-1970’s.  Used a hot-wire anemometer.

Stellwag’s spirometer, German craftsman/scientist modified the Hutchinson spirometer in the 1860’s.

Stimotron Turbine Spirometer.  Manufactured in the mid-1990’s.

Stoelting Spirometer.  Manufactured in the 1920’s.

T.G. Brodie’s Dry Bellows Wedge Spirometer – Designed around 1902. Mentioned in scientific journals of the time.

Timeter L.A.P Spirometer.  Manufactured in the late 1980’s.

Toledo Technical Appliance Co., Basal Metabolism Apparatus, manufactured in the early 1920’s.

TS200, TS400, TS500 and TS1000 spirometers.  Manufactured by Teledyne Avionics, mid-1980’s.

Upham Spirometer.  A dry spirometer manufactured by Thomas Upham in Boston around 1920.

Valveless blower-spirograph of Lode, designed by Prof. M.N.J. Dirken, MD., around 1960.

Vertek VR500.  Spirometer.  Manufactured around 1990.  Fleisch pneumotach.

Villemin Spirometer.  French?  Developed around 1893.

Virchow Spirometer.  Manufactured in England and sold by Cambridge Scientific Instrument company in the 1890’s.

Von Recklinghuysen Spirometer.  Manufacturer (?) of scientific spirometers around 1900 in Europe.

York Glass Company Spirometer.  Manufactured in England around 1864 using Bowman’s spirometer as a guide.

Ziegler Spirometer.  Developed by Dr. George J. Ziegler of Philidelphia in the early 1850’s.

Zimmerman Spirometer.  Manufactured by E. Zimmerman, Berlin, Germany around 1910.

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