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Spirometer, Collins Survey, 1981


From:  Instruction Manual for the Collins Survey Spirometer, Manual No. 22168, Third Printing May 1981.


“A.1.  The Survey Spirometer is a precision, calibrated, water-seal spirometer which may be used for the performance of ventilation tests.

“A.2.  Figure 1 shows the basic equipment layout with all the major components identified. The spirometer body is constructed of copper while a rugged cast aluminum base supports the unit.  Lightweight plastic is used for the spirometer bell.


“B.1. Dimensions

“Length: 16-18”

“Width: 12”

“Height: 20”

“Shipping Weight: 32 pounds.

“Net Weight: 16 pounds.

“Water capacity: 1 quart, approximately.

“B.2.  Spirometer Performance Specifications:

“Kymograph: single speed, 1920 mm/min.

“Spirometer capacity: 8 liters.

“Response: +/- 1% 0-140 CPM.

“Calibration Accuracy: +/- 1% for life of bell.

“Safety: UL Listed 544”