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DLCO, Qc, Vc during Exercise 1960


From Johnson RL, Spicer WE, Bishop JM, Forster RE.  Pulmonary capillary blood volume, flow and diffusing capacity during exercise.  J Appl Physiol 1960; 15: 893-900

“Measurements were made as follows: after exhaling to residual volume, the subject went on the mouthpiece and rapidly inhaled a measured volume of the gas mixture from bag A.  This breath was held for a measured time after which is was exhaled rapidly.  The first liter of exhalate was allowed to clear the dead space, after which tap A was turned 90 degrees counter clockwise and an alveolar sample of a bout a liter was collected in bag B.  t was not convenient to clamp this wide-mouthed sampling bag and remove it; therefore, the sample was aspirated into another removable bag C, in which it was sealed and set aside for later analysis.”