Lab Spirometry Systems

Chest M.I.Chestgraph HI-801Handheld, attached to controller/display unit
Custo-Medcusto vit m rHand-held, attached to PC via USBNot specified
Eco PhysicsExhalyzer DDesktopUltrasonic
Ganshorn Medizin ElectronicSpiroScoutDesktopUltrasonic
MedisoftMicro 5000Hand-held, attached to PC via USB
MedisoftMicro 6000DesktopPneumotach
Medset Medizintechnik GMBHPADSY-SpiroHand-held, attached to PC via USBUltrasonic
MGC DiagCPFS/D USBHand-held, attached to PC via USB
Pitot tube
Morgan ScientificHeated FVLHand-held, attached to base unit, and PC via USB



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