CosmedQ-BoxPneumotach873 Liters
GanshornPower Cube Body+Not specifiedNot specified
Not specified
MECMEC PFT Bodybox100Variable orifice pneumotachNot specified
MedisoftBodybox 5500Pneumotach960 Liters
MedisoftBodybox 5500 XLPneumotach1250 Liters
MEESmart PFT BodyPneumotachNot specified
MESBodypletyzmographyPneumotachNot specified
MGC DiagPlatinum ElitePitot tube726 Liters
MGC DiagnosticsPlatinum Elite with Gas ChromatographyPitot Tube726 Liters
MorganBody BoxPneumotach960 Liters
NspireKoKo PxPneumotach980 Liters
Piston MedicalPDT-111/pPitot tube910 Liters
Piston MedicalPDT-111/pwcPitot tube1160 liters
1080 liters
VyaireV62J AutoboxMass Flow1350 Liters
VyaireV62W AutoboxMass Flow830 Liters
VyaireMasterscreenPneumotach830 liters

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