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Internet Resources for Pulmonary Patients:

A tri-fold brochure for patients.

PDF Version

MS Word Version

LibreOffice Version

Adult PFT Reference Equations:

Spreadsheets containing the adult reference equations for spirometry, lung volumes, DLCO and 6-minute walk with source bibliographies.

Adult Reference Equation Explorer – MS Excel Version

Adult Reference Equation Explorer – LibreOffice Version


The LOINC coding system is used to identify medical information transmitted between different medical institutions. The following spreadsheets contain the LOINC codes for pulmonary function tests.

Excel Version

LibreOffice Version

John B. West Respiratory Physiology Lectures on YouTube

Based on his lectures and his classic textbook, Respiratory Physiology.

  1. Structure and Function
  2. Ventilation
  3. Blood Gas Transport
  4. Acid-Base Balance
  5. Diffusion
  6. Pulmonary Blood Flow
  7. Pulmonary Gas Exchange, Part 1
  8. Pulmonary Gas Exchange, Part 2
  9. Mechanics of Breathing, Part 1
  10. Mechanics of Breathing, Part 2
  11. Control of Ventilation
  12. Defense Systems of the Lung
  13. Respiration under Stress
  14. Respiration at the Limit


AARC Office Spirometry Certificate Program

The Office Spirometry Certificate program is intended to provide a way for people outside the traditional pulmonary function lab setting to demonstrate understanding and receive quality feedback on performance.  $$$.


Australia and New Zealand Society of Respiratory Science

ATS Spirometry Waveforms

Two sets of standardized waveforms that are used to test spirometry software. The first set (24 files) was created by John Hankinson at NIOSH in Morgantown, WV. The data is in liters at 10 msec intervals (i.e. 100 hz) and the second set (26 files) contain flows (L/sec), at 0.002 second (500 hz) sampling intervals.  Since the files consist solely of volume data points, flow is synthesized by calculating the difference between adjacent volumes and dividing by the difference in time.

ATS/ERS Pulmonary Function Testing Guidelines

The ATS/ERS standards for spirometry, lung volumes, diffusing capacity, 6-minute walks, and PFT interpretation.


A NIOSH program for training and certification of spirometry clinics for regular testing of coal workers.

Global Lung Initiative

Resource for the GLI spirometry reference equations. Downloadable software, spreadsheet and articles.

NIOSH Spirometry

Links to NIOSH spirometry training programs, training guide, and publications.

NIOSH Spirometry Longitudinal Data Analysis (SPIROLA) Software

SPIROLA software is an easy-to-use visual and quantitative tool intended to assist health care providers in monitoring and interpreting computerized longitudinal spirometry data for individuals as well as for a group.  Primary audience is Occupational testing.  No $$$.


Searchable database of biomedical journal articles with links.  Maintained by the NIH.


British online community for healthcare professionals with an interest in respiratory care .

Spirometry.  Interpreting the flow-volume loop.

A website with an introduction to spirometry and the flow-volume loop.  In English, French and Dutch.


On-line training in spirometry concepts, testing issues, problems, and statistics. Content managed by Philip Quanjer, MD.  In English, Dutch, French and Spanish.

Open Access Pulmonary Journals:

These journals are either completely open access or journals where articles are available a year or two after the publication date.

BMC Pulmonary Medicine

BMJ Open Respiratory Research


Case Reports in Pulmonology

Clinical Medical Insights: Circulatory, Respiratory and Pulmonary Medicine

European Clinical Respiratory Journal

European Respiratory Journal (18 month delay, all issues back to 1988)


International Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

Journal of Applied Physiology (1 year delay, all issues back to 1996)

Journal of Pulmonary & Respiratory Medicine

Journal of Thoracic Disease

Lung India

Multidisciplinary Respiratory Medicine

PLOS One Pulmonology

Respiratory Care (1 year delay, all issues back to 2003)

Respiratory Medicine Journal (2 year delay, all issues back to 2010)

Respiratory Research

Thorax (3 year delay, all issues back to 1946)

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