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Spirometer, Submarine Lung Tester, circa 1900


The point of this machine is to test your lungs. What you do is put a penny in, Grab the hose and blow until you’ve either passed out or raised all the divers. The divers raise one at a time.  Collectors of Penny Arcade machines are not certain this was ever made since no existing examples have ever been found.   From: http://www.arcadetreasures.com/arcade/Submarine_Lung_Tester.html

Spirometer, Coin-operated, circa 1900


The National Spirometer Co. “Automatic Therapy” Shock & Lung Test Machine c1900, wood case. For the nerves, aches & pains. For measuring the capacity of and expanding the lungs. Expensive doctor visits could be avoided by use of a coin-operated treatment machine. A high score on the lung test returns the patron’s coin, works. 12″w x 13″d x 19″h