DLCO, Single Breath, 1954


From Forster RE, Fowler WDS, Bates DV, Van Lingen B.  The absorption of carbon monoxide by the lungs during breathholding.  J Clin Invest 1954; 33: 1135-1145

“Inspiration was made from a neoprene bag (A) contained in a sealed metal chamber (B).  Expiration was made through the flowmeter (C) into chamber (B).  A 6-liter spirometer (D) recorded changes of total volume in the system.  Two 2 cm. diameter three-way taps (E and F) were provided.  Tap E enabled the subject to breath out the first liter of an expiration into the circuit, and to collect the remainder in a rubber bag (G) close to the mouthpiece.  Tap F permitted closure of the inspiratory bag to prevent loss of the inspired gas.  The inlet (H) to the mass spectrometer sampling tube was at the mouthpiece.”

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