Sanborn Metabolator, circa 1950, Top Panel View

From The Doctors of BC Medical Museum website.   Described as:

“A Sanborn Metabulator, model 10, serial number 1845, volts 115, cycles 60, amps 0.5 with an inbuilt recording compartment with paper roll to print paper chart, a barometer and thermometer dial, a carbon dioxide absorption chamber filled with soda lime granules and an oxygen gas cylinder B.P. Oxygen. The metabulator is on casters making it easily portable, with a protective hood cover. A right-hand side door opens to reveal the oxygen tank and a storage area which contains a scoop tool, a jar holder and a lever tool. An engraved metal plaque attached to the metabulator reads MADE FOR S. KATHLEEN GRAHAM M.D. BY SANBORN COMPANY CAMBRIDGE. MASS. U.S.A.”

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