Respiration Apparatus, Voit’s, 1887


From Treatise on human physiology by Henry Cadwalader Chapman, Published by Lea Brothers & Co, 1887, page 446.

“We therefore, usually determine at the same time the amount of carbonic acid and water exhaled by the system, and for this purpose we make use of Voit’s respiration apparatus.  This consists, as constructed by C. Stollventner and Sohn of Munich (Fig. 252), of a chamber (H) in which the subject of the experiment, a large dog, for example, is placed; of a large drum, and pumps worked by a waterwheel for the production of a constant draught of fresh air through the apparatus; of bottles and tubes containing appropriate materials for the absorption of water and carbonic acid of the air surrounding the chamber, as well as that from within it; and of meters for registering the total amount of air that has passed through the chamber analyzed for comparison.”

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